Project Status

Soya started as a research project used to collect empirical data necessary to determine if the message-centric SSDL approach has significant benefits compared to the incumbent approaches for describing Web Services.

At the current stage not the complete SSDL specification has been implemented. Of the four protocol frameworks that ship with SSDL, only the MEP protocol framework has been realized in Soya so far (see Feature Summary).

However, Soya has matured into a stage, where it can be used to model and run SSDL-based Web Services in experimental settings. We are currently using Soya in a number of case studies and hope to gain valuable feedback from those experiments that will help us to further improve Soya.

The next release of Soya will probably mainly contain bug-fixes. The next feature that we would like to implement is the Sequencing Constraint Protocol Framework.

If you are interested in helping us out, please have a look at the Getting Involved section.


DateNews Entry
March 03 2007Soya project web site up and running
March 03 2007Soya 0.1 released!
February 27 2007Soya Mailing List opened